Saturday, March 5, 2011

in your room

Jeremy so wanted Bonnie to understand him. He needed someone to know. To help. Something. He felt himself shaking inside, but he didn't think he was ill.

"I know what you are." Still she'd still let him. He was thankful for that. "I'm only helping you because..because, you're Elena's little brother."

Jeremy sat on her gram's couch and hugged himself. What did she really know? Could she sense it? Could she smell Tyler on him? He was playing hookie from school. Possibly hookie from life. He didn't really know. His body felt so out of it. He wished he knew what to do. Where to go.

"Will you help me?" He looked up at her.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. "All my friends are going vamp." She gave him a frustrated look. "What am I suppose to do? Huh?"

"Right." Jeremy just nodded, still thinking of Tyler and what he said and how he'd pushed him away. It hadn't felt like that before. He felt he'd been saved from something. Maybe the water. Was that all it was?

"Hey, are you all right?" Bonnie surprised him when she sat down next to him. Her skin shocked him, being so close. He couldn't help but stare. He looked into her eyes.

"I think I've been with someone." He told her.

"You turned someone?" She looked as if she was ready to throw him out in the sunshine with a ring to protect him.

"No." He said so quietly as he gazed at her. "It was Tyler." He sighed. "He didn't hurt me. I didn't hurt him. We..we.." Jesus, what was he suppose to say? They slept together? It was more than sleep? It was genuine and true. So fierce, he thought of Tyler inside him now. "We fucked."

Bonnie winced then as if such a thing was unheard of.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

just another asshole in the morning light

"I don't know what you're talking about." Tyler looked at Jeremy as if he must have hallucinated the whole thing. "You're a liar." Plain and simple. There was nothing wrong with him. There was nothing to tell. "You must have dreamed it." Perhaps it was Jeremy trying ..trying to compel him. Was that it? Could it be?

So they woke up together. It was just sleep.

"No." Jeremy and those damn woeful eyes. Tyler didn't want to look at him.

"You're making shit up! That's what you're doing. Someone was bullying you. And I did the right thing." Tyler was sure of it. He didn't want Jeremy looking at him with his shirt off. Hell, yeah, he was hot stuff. Every babe in school wanted him. That's the way it was suppose to be. Not this lame Vampire and Werewolf crap.

"No, I'm not. You saved me and I've got no where else to go." Jeremy was on the verge of tears now.

"OH GOD. SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Tyler gave him a good shove then. Would this pansy ever grow up? Tyler gave him a dead stare. "Why don't you show me your fangs then?"

Jeremy bit his bottom lip.

Tyler looked away. He felt himself shaking. He sat on the bed then, thinking of what his uncle had told him. If he took a life, he'd be cursed. He looked at Jeremy then. Had he already taken his other life?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

asleep at the wheel

Jeremy shivered. He must have been drunk, he thought.

Little bits of memories of Anna prevailed. He wanted to remember her. He wanted to only think of her skin next to his. It had been a shock when he awoke to learn she was not there. Instead, he felt the hot flesh of someone spooning with him.

Jeremy winced wondering where he might be. He didn't know how he got here. It was strange. He looked back to see Tyler sleeping soundly.

At least his clothes were on. Vaguely, he remembered Tyler with nothing on. Just his flesh, beautiful. Glowing eyes. An animal. But he hadn't eaten Jeremy. Instead he had saved him..from..from the water.

Jeremy sucked in a breath then. It didn't seem real. He couldn't be sure what was real now. A part of him could not move because he was full of a sinking sadness that over took him. It just didn't seem right to go on without Anna. He could never love anyone like Anna.

Jeremy shivered then as he turned to Tyler. What was he doing with him? Jeremy blinked. Just then Tyler's eye lid opened wide as if Big Brother really was watching him.

Jeremy said noting, wondering what Tyler might do next. Instead Tyler put his hand around Jeremy's side. Next thing he knew, Tyler was kissing him. A deep kiss that over took Jeremy as if he were drowning so purely in something like water, except it was Tyler's way.

It then came to Jeremy's mind that he knew Tyler's mouth, very well. They had kissed. But he hadn't been quite awake then. It hadn't been quite like this. Not this good. Not this genuine. Jeremy breathed in Tyler. It was like a sadness yet happiness too. They'd found each other. And now Tyler wanted to explore him with his touch. Jeremy looked back at him sleepily. A sly smile came to his face as Tyler kissed his chest. Yes, something was rising to the occasion. Jeremy couldn't help but think this was where he wanted to be. In Tyler's hands.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

kind of a strange story

Tyler couldn't remember a thing, other than the fact... he was in his own flesh and his teeth hurt like hell. His jaw too. He was famished as he laid there in the grass with nothing on. Ants were starting to crawl on him.

Tyler jerked himself up, wondering what he 'd done. Images kept fleeting through him of a darkness and creatures staring at him as if he were meant to be there. But it was daylight now and he felt rather undress for such an occasion.

Suddenly, a rank smell of death induced him in some sort of frenzy. He thought he might lose it, but he ran deep into the forest at a speed he'd never accomplished as an athlete. It was intoxicating, yet so fresh. He could hardly stand the happiness it gave him. He felt so free. And maybe he was. Maybe he'd always wanted to streak through the forest.

He came across the back-pack by the river. There were clothes. He didn't question how they got there, but he pushed into the jeans and tied on the leather work boots. It was enough. He looked across the current. Something had happened here. Hadn't it? He vaguely remembered. Had he eaten something here? Had there been a fight? No. He shook his head . His breath was not soured of vampire blood. He felt as if maybe he were like the kid who's dad took him deer hunting, and he hadn't the nerve to kill the buck in the clearing.

Tyler smiled then. He was evidently a very bad werewolf, after all. But his strength was fierce. Even without the transformation. He could climb trees in leaps and bounds now. His eyes sight was keen. He just had a bad memory. He never could learn Calculus nor Chemistry, anyway.

He picked up the back-pack and decided he would just follow his instinct if nothing else. He found his way to the cabin deep into the woods. No one went out this far off the beaten track. Of course, he had to wonder what was waiting for him. It was a little irry. What had he done, exactly?

But behind that door of the cabin that was no more than a shack, he found what he'd been yearning for. It all came back to him like a sweet dream.

Well, it hadn't started that way. He reached for Jeremy in the water. He remembered it suddenly as if it had happened a second ago instead of hours before. He knew it now. He knew he'd meant to save him. And when he poured his own breath into Jeremy's lungs. The strangest thing had happened. Tyler knew he didn't want to be alone. He knew Jeremy didn't want to be alone.

Had Tyler been human then?

He noticed the scratches on Jeremy's body. It was as if they'd been sucked into something amazing and mystical. Now Jeremy was curled up in bed like an infant. So strange, yet natural to Tyler. He found himself wanting so much to sleep with the enemy. He couldn't think of anywhere else he wanted to be.