Thursday, September 16, 2010

asleep at the wheel

Jeremy shivered. He must have been drunk, he thought.

Little bits of memories of Anna prevailed. He wanted to remember her. He wanted to only think of her skin next to his. It had been a shock when he awoke to learn she was not there. Instead, he felt the hot flesh of someone spooning with him.

Jeremy winced wondering where he might be. He didn't know how he got here. It was strange. He looked back to see Tyler sleeping soundly.

At least his clothes were on. Vaguely, he remembered Tyler with nothing on. Just his flesh, beautiful. Glowing eyes. An animal. But he hadn't eaten Jeremy. Instead he had saved him..from..from the water.

Jeremy sucked in a breath then. It didn't seem real. He couldn't be sure what was real now. A part of him could not move because he was full of a sinking sadness that over took him. It just didn't seem right to go on without Anna. He could never love anyone like Anna.

Jeremy shivered then as he turned to Tyler. What was he doing with him? Jeremy blinked. Just then Tyler's eye lid opened wide as if Big Brother really was watching him.

Jeremy said noting, wondering what Tyler might do next. Instead Tyler put his hand around Jeremy's side. Next thing he knew, Tyler was kissing him. A deep kiss that over took Jeremy as if he were drowning so purely in something like water, except it was Tyler's way.

It then came to Jeremy's mind that he knew Tyler's mouth, very well. They had kissed. But he hadn't been quite awake then. It hadn't been quite like this. Not this good. Not this genuine. Jeremy breathed in Tyler. It was like a sadness yet happiness too. They'd found each other. And now Tyler wanted to explore him with his touch. Jeremy looked back at him sleepily. A sly smile came to his face as Tyler kissed his chest. Yes, something was rising to the occasion. Jeremy couldn't help but think this was where he wanted to be. In Tyler's hands.