Sunday, August 22, 2010

into the wild

Jeremy raced through the woods. She would smell him. No, not Elaina. The other one. It was as if he suddenly knew how lethal Katherine was, and he had never met her face to face. It was evil. She was heartless, now wasn't she?

With that thought pulsing through his head, he went straight to the river, as if that alone would keep her from him. If he crossed it, could she remember him, completely? Possibly, he was a latter thought. After all, she had other issues to deal with. He was the least of her worries. She would not take care of him. He was nothing to her. Jeremy got it. He was nothing to no one.

But he felt everything so intensely. How the grass grew and danced in the wind. How the birds flew and the wind guided them so sweetly. Everything seemed to have a path, but him.

He got to the water, but there was no reflection. It was as if he wasn't really here.

Jeremy questioned if he'd drank enough of Anna's blood. What if he hadn't? What if he wasn't enough to be a vampire? What if it were the pills that was making him feel this way? Maybe he was still in bed. It was all just a vague dream.

He stumped his toe then on a rock. Yeah, he'd forgot his shoes. What kind of idiot was he?

Suddenly, he felt it. Something was coming and it wasn't human. It was not a vampire, either.

Jeremy stumbled once more and tumbled into the river. The current instantly took him away, down the river. The current began to turn and the water got deeper and took him under.


meg said...

lots of suspense.

ori said...

Just what Jeremy needs. Water. NOT.

E.L. said...

very intense scene.

axel said...

Poor guy.