Thursday, August 19, 2010

on the trail

Tyler wanted to ignore what was happening to him. Deep inside he wanted to reek havoc on this town, after all that had happened at the celebration. It was as if everything was coming to a head of some kind.

He'd looked at those pills in the medicine cabinet that were suppose to help his A.D.D. Of course, take them with some alcohol and he could practically light the world on fire. Or so he thought. But maybe those pills weren't for an attention deficit disorder, but something entirely different. He guessed he'd have to go cold turkey, and find out for himself. His mother was certainly telling him nothing. He flushed them down the bathroom sink and went to his bedroom to wait. That took forever. Truth be told, he was never good at science anyway. Soon he began to feel caged up. He could hardly stand it. He had to get out of here.

The woods were the next best thing. OK, there was nowhere else to go. And yet, were they out there who wanted to kill him? Maybe that's what he wanted. Maybe.

He ran for awhile wondering if it would happen then. He'd run so hard and fast that maybe he'd run out of his skin. Leave it all behind and become something else. Yes, he had all the balance inside him to become something obedient. But not today. He was becoming feral as they came. He could sense it all ready. There was a full moon on the rise. It just hadn't gotten there yet. Had he always sensed it that way? His heartbeat racing, then slowing. A restlessness inside him. Then suddenly, he could feel everything around him. The creatures. The swaying of the grass. The air which he breathed. Who had messed with it? Endangered it?

Suddenly, Tyler was scared. His vision slightly warped yet acute. And then it happened, like a cool sweat. He knew something was happening to Jeremy. He had to get there quick before anyone else found him because he knew there was something not right at the Gilbert's house.


Holly said...

I hope he saves Jeremy.

axel said...

What an awful time for him.

Ria said...

How is this going to work out? Tyler the werewolf and Jeremy the vampire? Can't wait to see what happens! This update was really good! I don't really like Tyler/ Jeremy (not because I'm anti-gay, but because I'm such an avid Anna/ Jeremy fan), but since I like your writing I'll give it a shot! Anyway, please update soon!

tyler's turn said...

hahahah..good question. This will be tough since I'm not a very big fan of Tyler's. He's always been so mean to Jeremy. I hear that in the new season Jeremy will be very cold and calculating.

Em [the writer] said...

So I guess you still watch this show? I still need to catch up considering I've only seen two episodes.